Get Moving with SEAT Motability

Because they complicate, we simplify.

Motability is a scheme by which you can use your mobility allowance in order to lease a car that can be adapted to your needs. Here at Faintree SEAT, we will guide you through the process, making that exciting journey from choosing your new SEAT to delivery so much simpler and easier. We have also made sure our showroom and facilities are fully accessible, making your visit enjoyable and relaxing.

Motability Offers

We’ve made it even easier to choose the right SEAT for you with our tailored offers.

If you see an offer you like, please contact us via one of the above enquiry buttons, or call us on: 01743 216081

New IBIZA 1.0 TSI 95 SE Edition 5dr Hatchback

£0 Advance Payment

With Front Assist, LED Headlights, KESSY (Keyless Entry & Go) and SEAT Connect.

Download the SEAT Ibiza Motability Price List

Our other Ibiza model's:

Advance Payment : Starts from £0 - £1,399

New Arona SE Edition 1.0 TSI 5dr Hatchback 

£0 Advance Payment

With Front Assist, Rear Parking Sensors, Wireless Charging and Satellite Navigation System.​

Download the SEAT Arona Motability Price List

New ATECA 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr Estate

£499 Advance Payment

With Front Assist, Navigation System, SEAT Connect and Park Assist as standard.

Download the SEAT Ateca Motability Price List

Motability Car Modifications

Below are some examples of the most common Notability vehicle modifications.


Hand Controls

If you find using standard pedals for braking or acceleration difficult, you may be better off using a hand control such as a push/pull device. This popular adaptation allows you to control the speed of the car with your hands by pushing or pulling a lever to accelerate or brake.


Left Foot Accelerator

If you have limited mobility in your right leg, and cannot use the standard accelerator comfortably, you may benefit from having a left foot accelerator fitted. This will allow you to control the speed with your left foot, while the original accelerator is safely out of the way. There are a few types of left foot accelerators.


Electronic Accelerators

If you have limited mobility in your legs or find push/pull hand controls take too much effort, an electronic accelerator may help, and there are a few different types available.



Steering Aids

If you have difficulty holding or turning a standard steering wheel, there are a number of simple solutions that may well help you. For example, a steering wheel ball can be fitted to allow you to have more control when steering the car.



Remote Control Devices

Remote control devices help make it easier to operate some of your standard car controls, such as the indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights, using a signle control panel mounted on the steering wheel. They can also incorporate a steering wheel call so steering and operating basic car functions can be done with one hand.



Transfer Plate

A transfer plate is fitted to the side of the car seat and provides a smooth surface between the wheelchair and the car seat to help you with the transfer. Once you are in the vehicle and are comfortable, the transfer plate can simply be folded out of the way.



Electric Person Hoist

If you are a wheelchair user, another option for getting in and out of the car is via an electric person hoist, which physically lifts you into the car.



Swivel Seats

Swivel seats can make it easier to transfer from the car to your wheelchair.



Boot Hoist

This is a hoist which helps to take away the physical lifting when storing your wheelchair or scooter in your car boot. Tie-downs are included as part of the hoist package to help secure your scooter or wheelchair into the boot of your car. Your wheelchair or scooter will affect the type of boot hoist you need and the space required, so you should take it with you to the dealership so they can make sure that the cars you are considering will fit the hoist type you need, as well as your scooter or wheelchair.



Rooftop Stowage

A car rooftop stowage unit could be a solution if you transport a manual wheelchair, and need to use your boot to store other items. They can usually be installed on either the passenger or driver side.