SEAT Servicing

Tyres for SEAT cars | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
Tyres – Keeping your tyres in good condition is vital to your safety on the road. We supply and fit a wide range of tyres from both budget and specialist brands to ensure you enjoy optimum performance and uncompromised safety.
SEAT Oil Changes | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
Oil changes – Oil changes are necessary to ensure your engine works smoothly without overheating or seizing. We provide oil changes as frequently as you need them, helping to keep your car running cleanly and safely.
SEAT Engine Diagnostics | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
Engine diagnostics – With our advanced diagnostic equipment, we can conduct a full assessment on your vehicle’s engine, and identify any issues that may need attention. This helps us catch problems early, avoiding costly repairs later on.
SEAT Bodyshop Repairs | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
Bodywork repairs – At our bodyshop, we carry out careful, precise repairs to your car’s bodywork, leaving it looking as good as new. From minor scratches and scrapes to larger dents, we can restore your SEAT’s appearance to its former glory.
SEAT Brake Fixes and Replacements | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
Brake replacements – Brake replacements are a routine part of vehicle maintenance, and essential to your safety on the road. We stock genuine, SEAT-approved brake pads and discs to ensure performance is optimised and stopping distances are minimised.
SEAT Servicing and MOTs | Faintree SEAT | Shrewsbury
And more – As an established SEAT dealer in Shropshire, we provide a comprehensive range of aftersales services in addition to those listed above. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.
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